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CNC Waterjet cutting in New Delhi
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CNC waterjet cutting is a process that produces shapes by cutting sheet material using a high pressure stream of water containing abrasive particles. CNC waterjet cutting is an economical way to cut 2D shapes in a very wide range of materials with no tooling costs. The unique process of CNC waterjet cutting provides reasonably good edge quality, no burrs and usually eliminates the need for secondary finishing processes. The process also generates no heat so the material edge is unaffected and there is no distortion. CNC waterjet cutting can cut single or multi-layer materials from as thin as .001" to as thick as several inches. The process yields no poisonous gas when cutting plastics or rubber.Shapes possible with CNC waterjet cutting include 2D shapes with cutouts of almost any complexity and details impossible to achieve with conventional cutting tools. Despite the intricacy and accuracy of cuts, waterjet cutting is often more affordable than tradition a cutting methods.
Advantages of Waterjet cutting can be summed up as :
  • Cold cutting - no heat affected zones, no hardening
  • Omni-directional cutting - ability to cut in any direction
  • Perforates most materials without starting holes
  • Cuts virtually any material
  • Net-shape or near-net-shape parts
  • (no secondary processing required in many applications)
  • Minimal fixturing required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces dust and hazardous gases
  • Does not workload material - stress-free cutting
  • Saves raw materials (small cutting kerf width, nesting capabilities)
  • Faster than many conventional cutting tools.